Store presentation

Each store having its own concept

Besides supplying loose accessories, we also like to support you in your shop. You will always get a concept that is tailored to your specific retail environment. In this way, we like to share our knowledge and expertise in the field of accessory sales. As your accessory specialist we will help you to select the best products with the highest turnover rate and attractive margins. You should think of many different aspects to get the most effective store presentation. A clear presentation for your customers is top priority, but it should also provide a more efficient workflow for you and your colleagues.

The concepts are fitted with high-quality products with fast rotation, space-saving packages and attractive margins.
With our store concepts you will, like 400 retailers who preceded, always have an up-to-date range in your store. Besides, they are applicable in every retail environment!

Our store concepts provide:

• Yield optimization per sqm.
• More traffic and repeat purchases.
• A high retailer service level.
• An attractive look and feel.

All this, with the ultimate goal to relieve and support you want it. You would like to receive more information on store presentation? Please contact us.