Protect your induction hob

September 2023

Elka Pieterman would like to introduce you to the two new protective mats for your induction hob. In our own SCANPART line you will now find a set of 4 round mats to use while cooking. In addition, the range has been expanded with an extra large mat that protects your hob when you are not using it and thus creates extra work space.

Round induction protective mats 4 pieces

An induction hob naturally looks sleek and you want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, scratches can quickly occur due to, for example, grains of salt that end up under the pan. The Scanpart protective mats prevent scratches and scrapes on your hob. All benefits at a glance:

• catch food scraps that fall next to the pan so that they do not stick to the hob;
• can be left in place while cooking, the material provides excellent induction between the hob and the pans;
• have an anti-slip coating that ensures that pans do not shift while stirring;
• reusable: can simply be washed by hand.

Large induction protective mat

When you are not cooking, the induction glass plate protective mat of 90x52 cm is the ideal solution for extra good protection of your hob. This mat protects your hob against scratches and scrapes.

• Place this mat on the hob to create extra work space;
• simply roll up the mat when you need to cook again;
• can be used on both sides: choose a beautiful motif or black as the top;
• the mat can be cut to size for a perfect fit
• made of anti-slip material and therefore stays in place;
• reusable and easy to clean by hand;
• heat resistant, so you can place a pan on the mat after cooking without any problems.


NB! Not suitable for cooking!

The protective mats are exclusively available from the Elka Pieterman Group. For more information, visit

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