Dust bag for your Miele vacuum cleaner? The high-quality alternative: CleanBag Professional!

January 2022

Because Menz & Könecke is no longer allowed to sell original Miele vacuum cleaner bags, we have further developed our existing CleanBag bags for the 2 well-known types in the CleanBag Professional line.





The alternative for F/J/M & G/N dust bags: CleanBag Professional

That the CleanBag Professional dust bags are high-quality alternatives to original dust bags is shown by the hygienic filtration: a unique combination of 5 different layers provide a filter degree of no less than 99.9%. Ideal for allergy sufferers. The hygienic seal ensures that vacuumed dust does not escape when replacing and disposing of the bag, and that the power of the vacuum cleaner is not reduced. In addition, it prevents the backlash of dust into the dust bag compartment for a longer life of the vacuum cleaner.


Optimal suction power  with  CleanBag Professional dust bags

The vacuumed dust is absorbed without clogging the pores. This ensures that the suction power of your vacuum cleaner remains optimal for longer and therefore more dust in the bag can be aspirated. As a result, one bag will last longer and needs to be replaced less often. The quality of the CleanBag Professional dust bags has been tested by the independent test institute TÜV.



Want to buy a CleanBag vacuum cleaner bag? Exclusively at Elka Pieterman!

The CleanBag Professional vacuum cleaner bags are alternatives for original dust bags and are exclusively available at Elka Pieterman. Are you convinced and would you like to buy a dust bag? Companies can order the bags in our webshop. Don't have a webshop login yet? You can request it here!

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